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Saturday, November 14, 2020 - 19:00
Cinema Nova


+ La vida es corta + De vez em quando eu ardo

Roxanne Gaucherand
Francevo: fr
sub: en

In the middle of summer, the province of Drôme falls victim to a mysterious plight: flocks of white butterflies - box tree moths accidentally introduced from Asia - have invaded the region. As night falls, one shuts oneself in, trapped by these seemingly unstoppable vermin. The invasion intensifies, and Lou finds that her feelings towards her childhood friend are taking a new turn...

De vez em quando eu ardo
Carlos Segundo
Brazilvo: pt-br
sub: fren

A photographer is looking for audacious bodies for her work... And finds an unexpected model. To the beat of Noporn, this short film tells of the power of their encounter.

La vida es corta
Florencia Batisda
Argentinavo: es
sub: fren

Jose is dating Male, but they have vanished. Lu has a crucial exam for her career the next morning but leaves everything behind to follow Jose in a paranoid and completely crazy night search for their date...

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